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April 13, 2003


Jeffry R. Fisher

Along these lines (forming ad hoc online associations), I've thought of a way to solve the world's problem with digital piracy. I think I know how to make money selling CDs, DVDs etc, even if I let people copy them and sell their copies legally. In other words, we *can* have our digital cake and eat it too.

It would sort of be a cross between EBay and Ameritrade. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about starting such a business, which brings me here. I'm trying to find any EBay officer or director to whom I can describe my plan in detail and perhaps negotiate collaboration on a new venture that might become worth as much as EBay itself.

Approaching EBay's "front door" didn't get me anywhere. I couldn't find the link that said, "Suggest new multi-billion dollar market opportunities here." Pierre, (if I've found the right one) would you be so kind as to connect me with an appropriate business development director within EBay? Thanks.

karen ward

hi pierre,

i help curate a small, non-profit tea lounge, net cafe and meet-up space in seattle called 'living:room.'

we are into hosting meet ups, everything from anime geeks and webloggers and game board geeks and mac freaks.

our non-profit arts group has a dream next year to morph an old church building in our fremont neighborhood into a 'third place' community meetspace and art center. i wondered if i might e-chat with you about this?

i'm also a blogger. the amazing, postmodern emergence/convergence changes in the world to flatten time, protocols, distance and hierarchy have made it possible for somebody like me to post to a blog of a titan business guy like yourself.

if you wanna chat about third place meetspaces, i'm here: karen@gracewerks.org. curate at www.livingroomseattle.org
as i'm looking for some assistance to make our larger community third place a reality next year.


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