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July 07, 2003


Doug Kenline

Right on Pierre!

I mentioned the MIT GIA at my blog too. Yes a great idea. Thank you very much.

Doug Kenline
Atlanta, Georgia

Doug Kenline

Also Pierre,

I must ask you to look at the website of Bob Schulz. His whole angle is to keep an eye on what the government is doing. Here is his website...


We would love to have you as a County Coordinator.

Dick Simkanin is sitting in Jail tonight over these issues...


Thank you very much for blogging. I believe you are showing true leadership by blogging for the people. Thank you very much.


Doug Kenline
Atlanta, Georgia

Jamie Gilcig

In these days when the lines between Government and the Corporate are becoming so blurred I think this site is a good start.

As a victim of over $2000.00 worth of fraud on your company Pierre, I have seen how big business used the government to avoid responsibility and get a case brushed under the carpet. I have watched your company delete information on your company message boards thus eliminating some evidence and the ability of the victims to work together centrally all in the name of the mighty $$.

In these times when minorities spend years in overcrowded jails for small crimes because they may have been done at the end of the gun it says a lot to see corporations, like your own, allow fraud and crime to run rampant with the support of government.

Yes Indeed.

Jamie Gilcig

Greg Bryant

On a positive note: it's wonderful to see so many technology people working on non-profit projects, because the need is so great. I am, and it seems that you are too. It would be nice to read something concrete from you, about your foundation's work. I've been to the website. Very vague. What exactly are you doing, and what are you learning? Fixing communities is an excellent blog topic!


Good concept, but so are eternal life and time travel. Every state in America is implementing eGov solutions in an effort to accomplish this very objective. Cities and towns of all sizes as well. Nothing like this would be remotely possible without the Web. I suspect civilization would be imploding under the burden of its own unmanageable complexity without the Internet. But complexity begets complexity, and the more information that is made available the more content is created that warrants analysis and examination. We are accelerating into a vortex of complexity, and government is very much along for the ride. The challenge is to make it all work with the minimum additional government overhead, with the checks and balances provided by solid technical infrastructure. I think this is happening. I think capitalist democracy and open access to information provides real hope of surfing this wave all the way in. But it's going to be close.



My eyes are closes in remembrance of a coat I just purchased on Ebay. It has yet to arrive, but surely will. I am forever indebted to you for bringing together the closets of so many strangers, and making rifling through their contents accessible to the masses.


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