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December 12, 2003



Seems like a good step in the right direction. However, why not take it a step further. Have the machine print out a reciept for the voter to take home and verify after the election via the local elections commisioners office, News Paper . . .and the internet?


I think paper receipts are good idea, but in a different manner. It's common for voters to change their mind and /or make mistakes while voting. This may cause voters to take too much time in the booth, and slow down the process. Why? Because with a "receipt window", the voter will try to ..interpret ...examine and ....reexamine the paper receipt. (Are there lots of races and / or public questions? ) Also, when the voters make changes, the receipt system will print and -void- countless receipts, which may cause the printer to run out supplies prematurely. I think the receipt printing should be done out of view from the voter, but the voter should be able to get a paper receipt on demand, -after- the vote is cast.

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