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December 08, 2003


Jamie Gilcig

While intellectually I can understand the premise of Electronic voting; I think it is opening Pandora's box.

I really do think it will create new and modern ways to rig voting, and make it much more difficult to regulate and validate.

There are reasons why votes are counted with reps from both major party's present.

Yes, the last US Presdential Election was the biggest sham since Germany in 1933, but at least most people understand the circumstances of it regardless of which side of the fence that they are on. There were ballots to PHYSICALLY count and while one sided may have been up to petty chicanery it was open and evidenced petty chicanery.

With Electronic voting there will not be any hanging chads.

Things will happen and I fear that society may never be the same....

Happy Holidays All!

Jamie Gilcig

Ami Dar

Hi Pierre,

I'd like to meet with you, and I can't resist the opportunity of posting here. I run http://www.idealist.org which I started in 1995. It would be great to talk.



Doug Kenline

Thank you very much Pierre. This is an important issue.

Jeffry R. Fisher

If we are going to modernize our voting systems, then why don't we do more than just updating the machinery? Plurality/first-past-the-post voting is horrible in contests with more than two candidates. What do you think of approval voting? If we go electronic, we could even calculate Condorcet ranked pairs.
See: http://www.electionmethods.org/

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