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January 06, 2004


Rogers Cadenhead

Clark handles military questions better than any other Democrat in the primaries, but I've been more leery of him since reading a recent profile in The Nation.

Rogers Cadenhead

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Gary Santoro

Hi Pierre and Rogers,

I like Clark because he has clearly stated that our pre-emptive war in Iraq was a bad idea. However, I disagree that a candidate has to have a military resume to have credibility on this key issue in 2004.

One concern I have about Clark is he waited so long to tell the people his position. Voters like me were very uncomfortable with the March 2003 invasion. We needed to hear Clark's fighting voice much earlier.

Like you, I'm an Independent, but I'm supporting Dean.

A couple of months ago, Rogers linked to my opinion piece for Dean Independents:

"Independence From Politics as Usual"

Part 1:


Part 2:


I agree with Clark on most everything and admire his military background, but I'm choosing Dean because he's been elected to office multiple times, has worked with a government legislature, and has balanced a state budget.

An interesting side note is that some Democrats wonder about Clark's affiliation, if he's really a Democrat, his supposed past support for Nixon etc. Both Dean and Clark seem very Independent/3rd Party minded, which I like, but Dean has been a Democrat for a long time, which matters to some primary voters.

Cameron Barrett

It's hard to see how anything I say can be seen as unbiased, because I work for Clark, but I have to say to Rogers that The Nation piece by Matt Tiabbi is nothing more than a hatchet job that the editors should never have published. Tiabbi is mostly known for being an editor at Moscow's alternative weekly called the eXile.

Clark is the genuine thing. I knew very little about him before coming to work on his campaign but the more I learn the more I'm convinced he will be a great American preosident.

It's going to take a strong candidate to beat Bush in November and as much as I like what Dean has done with his campaign I just can't see him beating Bush.

Gary Santoro

Hi Cameron,

I think back to when Howard Dean was at 0%, many people "could not see him" in the lead in Iowa, New Hampshire, Arizona and elsewhere. The Dean campaign continues to surprise.

There was a time when Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan looked like longshots. Governor Dean can win. Perhaps more people will believe this as November draws closer. Dean's number of citizen supporters has grown every week for over a year. It's still happening. I don't see the plateau yet. It's the people.

I have spoken to a number of Independents and Republicans who like Dean. That's what it takes to win the general election - Independents, Republicans, Reform Party, Green Party, Libertarians for Dean. I'm just an optimistic voter; I'm not an employee of the Dean campaign.

Clark would be my second choice and I would vote for him in a heartbeat against Bush!

Where was Clark last summer when I needed him?


Hello Everybody (I am not Dr. Nick from Simpsons!),
away from all the reasoning I believe that Wesley Clark is the only candidate that has the charisma to defeat Bush and keep conservatives from apealing to trigger happy uneducated general public. So, lets vote for General Clark.

Aaron Heller

Ebay: interested in Safe Sales, or High Corporate Profits?

I recently got ripped off by a guy on Ebay, yeah sure I didn’t do my research, but he had 400+ positive feedbacks and a very professional looking site. You know what my problem with it is? Ebay’s way of sweeping it under the carpet. Two guys had spotted him as a fraud months ago and had tried to get out the message. It looked like a red blip on his feedback rating, compared to the bully pulpit he had to defend himself. Now, weeks after he skipped town, with over $50,000 in trusting Ebayer’s money, nearly a month after going NARU, checks are still rolling into his mailbox. We tried to get Ebay to warn the buyers who’d bid on his last auctions, but by this time he’d made them private and our hands were tied.

After sending complaints to Ebay, and receiving only form letters in reply, I realize they aren’t interested in making a safe trading environment. They’re not even interested in allowing a real community where buyers and sellers could look out for one another. It’s all stilted towards a false sense of trust and safety. If that were to falter even a little, sales might go through, sure. But a little research on the part of the seller, the slightest hesitancy, would spell death for the upward spinning profit of Ebay the Corporation.

So much for an Ebay Community.

Gary Santoro

Hey hey Kamran,

It's hard to take seriously a Clark endorsement that begins with "away from all the reasoning..."



Actualy the "away from all the reasoning" is what that makes something believable and intresting for the general public. remember that peoples deepest beliefs are the ones that have been fed to them with no logic and explaination!!! and that is why I said this keeps keep conservatives from apealing to trigger happy uneducated general public, because it is "away from all the reasoning", just like they like it.


Nobody will doubt Clark's reputation in military questions - but is that enough to run the largest economy on earth?

Sure, politicians don't have to know all the answers as long as they are open to advice and have a good sense for what's right - but then again, is Clark a politician?

I never got too much into US politics, but it seems that the starting point for every campaign - having been on TV often enough to be somewhat familiar to the general public - produces suboptimal results. The best decision makers are just not going to make it to Jay Lenno...

Lieberman to me seems like someone who has the political sense and experience to make balanced decisions - but of course exactly that may make him less likely to be elected.


Issues, values, personality et al aside - not that these are not important, they are, but - there is one very sad yet real reason Clark cannot win: federal funds matching. If Clark takes the nomination he will have the same problem Gore had: he will sit on his hands with no money and no way to get money while Bush unleashes over $150 million worth of campaigning advertising against him.

Whether we like it or not, Dean is the only one who can keep making money and thus continue campaigning.

Best case? a Dean/Clark ticket.

(See how the reps manipulated campaign funding? Nice little trap...)

Dan Galpin

My concern with Clark or any other including Bush is that they are so far removed from the mainstream existence. Our nation is not, nor will it be any time soon, in a position to compete globally. How can a country whose people need pay well over whats being offered as minium wage around 6 an hour (which is clearly not enough) compete with nations whose pay ranges between 50 cents an hour to 3 or 2 dollars an hour? And our minium wage is a joke. We need a president that will actually encourage increases the meanstream income even if it means an end to global trade at this time.

Ex: We import 127 billion from China and export only 23 Billion. STOP importing and if they in turn reject our exports so be it. We will have created a demand of about 100 billion that can be produce by companies in America!! We need a dual protection policy: one that protects American business' from other countries out selling us and one that protects the employees of those American business.

Greed and power out of control will shine for time, but be destroyed in the end. Traffs protect American businesses and COLAs protect the employees. The politicians get automatic cost of living increases yearly!! Neither party seems interested in solving the problem which in turn solves national debt and the crumbling American economic state. With more people making more, the country will make more in tax and the people will have more to spend. The China trade defict is only one example of the growing trade deficts with have had.

Another way to help solve the problem is put the government on a fix income percent wise. As the people's income increase so does the governments. Their are countless ways to tackle our problems, but the politicians seem to turn to their heads.

Even this war issue, which I'm not fond of, could have been handled better. Although I doubt my view in that area would be agreeable with most.

I'm sorry, I'm going off topic. Case and point, what good is it Clark, Bush, or whomever when they all seem to be in the same club. Yes they have their defferences on some issues. My question is, where is the canidate that actually cares about the average American? I haven't seem one in a all time!

Thank you for your time,

God Bless,


Ps. Pierre, I would really like a chance to talk with you in person. It's business and/or charitable related, but talking politics with you might prove very interesting. I included one of my emails (non-business) with this comment and a company URL. I hope to hear for you.

Doug Kenline

Thanks for blogging Pierre.

Alan Bacon (sui Juris)

Uhm, I guess military rulers under military rule(?)

Executive odors from commanders-in-chief(?)

Courts-martial of civilians for infractions to code (?)

DeFacto is and de Jure isn't . . .

Why don't we STOP calling this America!
Gulag AmeriKa is more like it.

If at any time, any one could get mad and punch someone, WHY NOT make it a rule to keep our hands in our pockets ???

Makes just as much sense as Patriot I & II !!!

USSA: United Socialist States of AmeriKa :-(

Government control, NO responsibility, do as you are told, sit down/shut up . . . geesh.

No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional act and no courts are bound to enforce it - THAT THEY DO is the problem !!! 16th AmJur 2nd, Section 256 and later @ 177.

Screw the Law (?)

Robert Bibber

You make a good case for Clark. He or Dean are the only Democrats I would ever consider voting for. I greatly respect his military background - I served in the Marines myself - but Dean seems to be a very straightforward, strong leader.

PS: I would also like to correspond privately with you Pierre.



what did you think about George Bush's speech from today?

Pierre Omidyar

I'm in Davos, Switzerland, and haven't seen the speech yet. I'll look for a transcript once the day begins here. What did you think?

Jamie Gilcig

I like Wesley Clark, but I don't see him as a Presidential candidate. I see him more as a VP at this point in time.

I think that voting for him now would simply being a gut level reaction to the Republican Military Machine and mindset.

I don't like Dean. Actually the Dems are not offering much up.

The goal is to have someone who can beat Bush.

I do think that Clark could probably do so if the Democratic party truly embraced him, but there is also something about his eyes I simply do not trust.

Man I miss Bubba :)


In reality I haven't seen much economical progress since Bush came into the presidency. I think it's important to focus on external problems such as Iraq an the war on terrorism, but it's more important to focus in our internal problems such as unemployment and our internal economical situation in general, which I think it's been lately on a second place...

In general I thought it was a political theater, but I知 not much into politics to comment deeper into it, what did you think?


If you see a guy named Khatami in Davos, tell him "shame on you, you are a disgrace to the name of man". and tell him this is from someone that got beaten up for volunteering in your first campaign.

Dan Galpin


Two things: 1) I'd hoped to read a response from you regarding my comments on Jan 16th. If you wish to respond privately, you can use one of my emails tfifilms@hotmail.com. 2) I'd also like to talk with you about the production of a movie(s). If interested in the 2nd topic, please provide a number where I can contact you in the email. I look forward to your comments.

God Bless,


Pierre Omidyar

Sorry Dan, your comment seemed like it was a statement of opinion that could stand on its own without reply. Also, global trade and economic prosperity is an incredibly complex and intertwined topic. I don't think I fully understand it, and therefore don't feel I can speak authoritatively on the topic. There are plenty of economists who have studied these issues for years, and maybe one day I'll try to pull some of that research together and blog it.

On your second point, I don't do movies, and I discourage solicitation on this blog.


Pierre, thank you for your support of Wes Clark.
I support Clark, too.
I mentioned your endorsement in a blog entry of mine on the Clark Community Network:

Just read eBay founder's endorsement of Clark
Mon Jan 26th, 2004 at 02:59:48 PM MDT


I hope naysaying commentators here will read it, too.

night leaf

I've been interested in Clark since the day I saw him give press conferences during the war in Kosovo. All I can say is, this man has the potential to be a great President. Its seldom that you find a natural leader, thinker, visionary, philosopher, diplomat extraordinaire, bleeding heart liberal and warrior all roll into one. This guy comes with the total package.


In response to BORIS.

Funds? Do you know that Clark has raised more funds than any other candidate except for Dean, and Dean has been running a lot longer?

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