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Technologist, founder of eBay, trying to make the world a better place.


Update March 2007: This blog has been abandoned for some time. I've recently created a new blog at though really the only thing going for it right now is that it has fewer letters in its URL.

I've been a technologist most of my life -- I started by teaching myself BASIC on a TRS-80 in middle school -- and now I'm trying to figure out what my role can be in making the world a better place. I'm probably best known for creating eBay.

I'm Chairman of Omidyar Network, Chairman of eBay Inc., and a Director of Meetup Inc. I also serve as a Trustee of the Santa Fe Institute and Tufts University.

This website is my personal website. Here, I don't speak for eBay, Meetup, the Omidyar Network, or any other group I'm affiliated with; I speak only for myself as an individual. If that is confusing, please close your browser now.

Also, I ask that you don't try to contact me for business/investment opportunities, jobs, etc., in this forum -- since this is my personal forum, those sorts of request aren't really appropriate. My business e-mail address is my first name at


technology, business, civil society and citizenship, making the world a better place, social change, complex adaptive systems and emergence