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May 21, 2003


Doug Kenline

Thank you for blogging Pierre. Keep up the good work.


WiKi seems to be the most appropriate for the workspace- it's a collaborative environment.


dear pierre!
please read my email that i sent for you and answer me.
my email:moh4545576@yahoo.com

Julie Evans

Pierre. Thank you for your invitation to contribute to Ashoka Innovators for the Public. I submitted an Idea to become a fellow in February. They have not had the resources to select the fellows, yet. Would you be open to reading my Idea? I live in Nevada, with a focus on youth development aimed at engaging collective wisdom to make “it” happen… to engage the collective wisdom of individuals, cultures and systems to come together to increase access to voice, organizing, generative leadership, justice and shared power for civil society, the larger world, and sustainability of all living systems on the planet.

Basically, my Ashoka Idea is be the space between the dots! A Visible space where diverse entities from within the "whole system":

• (like youth and adult leaders in the state of Nevada working on positive youth development) or
• (experienced local youth organizers, their adult allies, networks, supports and resources working together on A March Across America, A National Youth Agenda and Sustainable Community of Youth set up as a "Commons")

can have a non-branded space to organize around shared principles, operate from collective wisdom and come together to share and exchange what's needed to make "it" (what is collectively needed for all) happen.

Ralph Smith at Annie E Casey gave me a grant in 2000 to conduct a Listening Tour with the leaders of the fields of youth and community development with an eye on how to replicate and sustain "what works". This has resulted in becoming the founder of Emerging Futures Foundation (www.emergingfuturesfoundation.org). Imagine how such a foundation might work to support Initiatives that connect:

• Horizontal dots (State of Nevada) with
• Vertical dots (A March Across America and A National Youth Platform free of any one agenda)with
• A spiral of dots (3 Billion young people age 15-27 on the planet earth).

If you have time, I'd love to talk with you about these ideas. I'm currently part of a learning community where I serve as a trustee for the Chaordic Commons where I'm learning how to establish new forms of self-organizing governance.
Positively Yours - Julie Evans 775.753.8572

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