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December 14, 2003


Doug Kenline

Thanks for blogging Pierre. You are showing great leadership here. Keep it up.


Childs play from our 'leaders' and we fall for it.

This is not unlike causing some type of emergency across town while the bank on the otherside of town gets looted.

No, this is not good.


Keeping secrets to the community and the general public in our "democracy" is not something new.

From area 51, Aliens and UFOs, Political Lies, Military and Government Projects, War On Terrorism, Political Scandals, to Medical Issues and Conspiracies, there have always been secrets being held to the common public.

There have been movies exposing this topic (A civil action) and real cases too.

I understand if the government doesn't want to disclose Alien information to the public, but these earth problems affecting us, are only in people hands, information to be disclosed to the public it's on the hands of the community as a group, and until it doesn't get approached like it, a single person won't be heard and information will remain in "unavailable for public review" status.

It really doesn't surprise me this or if someone told me that Saddam Hussein was held captive until presidential elections got closer. Maybe Bin Laden will get caught a week from presidential elections... sorry for the disbelief.


hi pier how r you doin? i have a question i heard from my iranian friend that you have iranian background or something like that is it true ..sorry for that

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