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March 01, 2004


Doug Kenline

Thanks for blogging Pierre. Good leadership.

Alan Bacon (sui Juris)

Hmm, not allow corruption? How about degradation, pollution, contamination???

Our votes don't count! It's the 'vote counters' that "count" . . .

If we don't go along to get along, or if we rock the boat . . . then "those that matter" won't agree with us !!! [That is a familiar 'put down' at www.quatloos.com ].

I offer Solutions to Lifes' Pollutions.

Before we can start cleaning up the Planet, I have to buy the products for which I am only the marketing representative and give them away ???

Alireza Tamadon

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David Seppi

Pierre, Thank you for your insight.

The concept of impartiality from a human perspective seems naive. The argument could be made that even the fence sitter offers opinion of no choice is the best choice. Ultimately, it seems we're cloistered because whether we use electronic voting or so called impartial counting the origins are from a very partial human mind. Honesty and integrity seem the better measures for implementation.

Lee Markham

Coming from the UK and now living in France I remember watching the fiasco over the last presidential election vote counts in the USA. It amazed me, as a layman, to see the most powerfull nation in the world with access to the best technology struggle to complete a seemingly simple task. Having read the posts I can see further into the problem. The difficult question is this. No matter which side of the fence you sit on, whether it be electronic counting, manual or software. As the outcome of the vote naturally affects all USA citizens in some way, it is hard to see how anyone can not have a prejudice no matter how small.
So it comes down to trusting in honesty. But who can we trust? Thats the hard question. Would it be fair to say that a non prejudice third party country should supply the technology and systems? But then again is there such a non prejudice third party that equally isn't affected by the power of the USA.
I dont know what the answer is but I hope a solution is found soon.

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