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March 14, 2004



Great tool, looks like a real-time editable CVS repository - weblog - thank you for pointing it out.



good stuff - we're going to look at it for our own initial growth and beyond. my only complaint is not being able to see more of the product itself in action -- the site only offers to have a representative walk you through a tour.. (unless I just overlooked something..)

blogging as a business tool is definitely one of the next big things, i'd say..

Pierre Omidyar

I'm removing several comments related to eBay posted by Ian Gomeche, who has several complaints with eBay UK. Judging from the e-mail threads he posted, he is already in communication with eBay representatives, but I am forwarding his messages to the right department.

Please keep in mind that this is my personal web log. It is not appropriate to post comments about eBay here. Thank you.

gene chapman

Thanks for your ideas on the net.

Gene Chapman, Founder
Christian AntiCommunist Party

Loic Le Meur

Hi Pierre, we met this year in Davos, in this Pizzeria close to the congress center with other GLTs, remember ?

Congratulations on your blog, do you know that we also started a blog for the GLT Community ? http://www.gltblog.com

Anyway, hope we talk again soon probably during another GLT/WEF event... and keep blogging ;=)

Pierre Omidyar

Hi Loic, of course I remember the fine pizza (and company) in Davos. :-) Best wishes to you.

Tom Robertson

Hi Pierre,

Your blog is just . . . superb-amundo!

Please see brief e-mail to your ebay account entitled "A modest proposal". Be well.


Doug Kenline

Here's an interesting video of IRS Commissioner Mark Everson....scroll down three stories...




Bloody Gomeche pops up everywhere, eh?

Vladimir Bezludniy

Hello, Pierre Omidyar.

I would like to contact you in person, but i cann't find your personal email address.
The reason of contact is a business offer regarding starting an auction site in our region(Russia/Ukraine), which don't have such a site yet, but everything and everyone is ready for it.

Please contact me at bezl@bezl.com and i will let you know about detailed description of the offer and information about myself and our company/contacts here.

PS: please contact me anyway so i know you got this message.

Thank you

Best regards,
Vladimir Bezludniy
email: bezl@gmmediacorp.com



Where are you? You haven't posted anything in a while. Please keep bloggin!

Check out Mark Cuban's blog:


It's pretty good.



Hello Pierre,

Your absence is greatly missed here. Hope everything is ok with you.




Attention Mr. Omidyar,
This may be too out side of the box but the U.S. government is auctioning 1940 acres in Henderson, NV and I would encourage you to take a proactive and aggressive role in shaping the society in which we live by puchasing this parcel.

Matthew Wong

Dear Mr. Omidyar,

I am amazed that I was able to find your own personal website! I am a freshman at Cornell Univesity and am currently doing a project concerning eBay. Part of my project concerns itself with the issue of Diversity and optimizing the contributions of people from different cultures in your company. However, I have been looking everywhere and have yet to find any information concerning the topic in regards to eBay. I know you must be incredibly busy, but I was wondering if you could write me a short blurb concerning the topic of Diversity at eBay. My email adress is mtw26@cornell.edu, or if you would like, you can post it on this site! Thanks so much for your time and I wish you continued success!

Matthew T. Wong

Hamid Reza Fattahi

Dear Pierre, please follow your interest in making the world a better place by conducting an interview with me. No i was joking, but i send some mails to michelle and asked her to organize an interview with you but for your chance she said no.She thought she could dissappoint me but dont forget" iranian journalists are as adamant as thier U.S. colleagues"



where'd ya go? please post :)

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